Are you being threatened and fear for your life and your safety, as well as that of your children? Victim Support Switzerland will help you find a safe place.

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Current situation / Covid-19
The women's shelters remain open for you.
==> If you need protection, phone the women's shelter and you will then receive further information.

Victim Support Switzerland will help you find a protected environment for you and your children – this can be a women’s shelter, as a place where you can find peace and quiet to plan your next move.

This can become necessary if you experience violence within your family environment, for example, and no longer feel safe at home, or if you are a victim of human trafficking and need a way out.

Contact Victim Support Switzerland.

You can find all victim support services here

If you are in acute danger,

get yourself to safety with a neighbour or a friend, or in a shelter;

or call the police (117).