Financial support

Victim Support Switzerland can cover the financial costs associated with a criminal act, and victims and their relatives can also receive compensation for the mental suffering caused.

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Do you find yourself in financial difficulty as the result of a criminal act? Or do you have a question about financial victim support, such as how to claim compensation? Then contact your nearest victim support service, which can provide immediate financial assistance and help you claim further financial support.

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Immediate assistance

In urgent cases, Victim Support Switzerland can cover costs incurred as the result of a criminal act (emergency assistance). These can include the cost of

  • accommodation in a women’s shelter for you and your children;
  • therapeutic crisis intervention;
  • initial enquiries by a lawyer; or
  • medical first aid.

Longer-term assistance

Victim Support Switzerland can finance further support in the form of longer-term assistance to third parties associated with the criminal act. These can include the cost of

  • a longer stay in a women’s shelter;
  • psychotherapy; or
  • representation by a lawyer in criminal proceedings.

The level of financial assistance depends on the financial situation of the victim.


Victim Support Switzerland can cover financial damage suffered as a result of the criminal act. This can be reimbursement of lost wages or travel expenses, for example. Funeral expenses or costs for home help can also be covered by Victim Support Switzerland – property damage, however, cannot.

The level of the reimbursement depends on the financial situation of the victim.


In cases where a victim is particularly severely affected by the criminal act, compensation can be provided by Victim Support Switzerland. This compensation is a form of reparation for the mental and physical pain and suffering caused. It is a solidarity contribution from the state, in recognition of the difficult situation experienced by the victim or their relatives.

Deadlines apply to the submission of requests for reimbursement and compensation, and it is therefore important to contact victim support services at an early stage.